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Reviewer: Anne London. UK
As much as I liked the look of this coat, I don’t particularly like buying clothes online, but having visited Debenhams and House of Fraser, neither of which had any David Barry items in-store and both saying they are only available online, I went straight to the David Barry website and learnt that that is the only way to buy this coat.   So I did.  Not only was there only a few days between ordering the coat and the coat arriving, but when I opened the package, I absolutely fell in love with my purchase.  I liked it just from the picture but in reality, the picture does not do it justice.  The feel of the material is lovely and considering it is a padded coat, it is so light in weight too.  Not only that, but the size is perfect, something I was worried about, in case it came up small or big, but no, it is definitely perfect.  I now can’t wait for the colder weather to arrive.  I would absolutely recommend this coat, and I would recommend buying from the David Barry website as well. Thank you.(10.10.18)


Long winter coat

Long winter coat

Quick fix repairing a metal zip

Trade tricks how to repair a coat or jacket zipper





There’s a simple trick to save your zip and it works wonders!

  • Firstly imagine that the zip puller part is female and you insert the male part together to pull the zip up.
  • With a pair of pliers pinch the female part together so it moves only slightly say approx 1mm.
  • Now when you fit the zip together it will fit snug, pull it up and down.
  • It should last months and if the problem happens again, just do the same again.

It works every time for me, I often demonstrate this to people, its a little known trick of the trade.

Go on, try it and let us know how you get on!

David Barry

Quick fix to repair zips

How to repair a coat jacket gilet zip

Happy customer Alwyna’s delighted with her order (style 553 Navy below) so she’s treating herself to another in Gold or Silver but can’t make her mind up which one!  Says great fit, womens standard not teens and both will go with so much.  We agree Gold’s fantastic with blue and Silver with black jeans or trousers!  Alwyna’s going to make up her mind tonight!


Womens quilted jackets

Stylish luxury quilted jacket with gilt poppers and zips

Pink festival jacket

We’re not known for young and fun but hey!

A. It depends on what they’re made from

Your idea of a shower may be another’s drenching?

Waterproof garments are usually sports and outdoor activity related, often made from a waxed cotton or Gortex type waterproof fabric. General wear or Fashion clothing is rarely waterproof and it would state that in the advert and on the label.  Festival outerwear clothing is usually waterproof, think plastic macs and wellies.

Some fabrics are more waterproof than others, Wool is naturally water repellant therefore cloth made with a high wool content or all wool content as in Harris Tweed will keep you warmer and drier for longer.

If its waterproof it will say so in the advert as its a good selling point.  Outdoors country style outerwear typically worn by dog walkers and those who spend a lot of time outside can also be called ‘Stormwear’ as in our David Barry full length hooded riding coat in Navy or Olive.

If an item of clothing says its ‘Showerproof’ then it should keep you reasonably dry during a reasonable amount of rainfall but commonsense should prevail, if you stand under torrential rain for more than a few minutes you would most likely get wet.

Just wanted to let you know that the coatt has arrived safe and sound.

Just three words to describe it – fab-u-lous!!

Thank you and kind regards.  (Avril R. 24.8.15)

If you’d like to see the warm padded coat Avril bought in black, please click here:  http://bit.ly/davidbarrycoats

Womens winter coat

Warm padded winter coat

Its a gorgeous luxury hooded coat at a very reasonable price and available in some lovely colours (Black, Brown, Charcoal, Olive, Red, Stone).  They move quickly so don’t wait too long as they’re selling now and its only August.

Australian Kangaroo in Snow

Never thought I’d see the day, a kangaroo in the snow! Check out these amazing pictures from buzzfeed. Our customers told us it was cold but we didn’t believe it until we saw these pics! We’ve still got great warm winter coats in stock at reduced prices and low shipping to Australia if you’d like a change.

We wanted to do something for you lovely ladies in Australia, Canada and USA who can’t get enough of our coats but distance means shipping costs can be quite shocking!  Many of you who buy 2 items per order either keep both, split the order with someone, buy two sizes in order to keep the one that fits and give other as a present so you don’t have to ship back (well done!).

Good news!  For Australia you’ll only pay £15 for up to 2kg (most orders weigh under 2kg); or £21 for up to 4kg per package.  You’ll be able to buy 2 coats or other item combinations and have our guarantee that you will not pay more than £21 if the combined items are under 4kg and that’s for a tracked package.

And for Canada and the USA, you’ll only pay £12 for up to 2kg and £18 for up to 4kg per package.

(We do ship to ‘Rest of the World’ starting at £19.95 for a 2kg package or £29.95 for a 3kg package.)

There is an order limit of 2 items per package but you can make as many orders as you wish!

Pink festival jacket

We’re not known for young and fun but hey!

Fresh makeup break

Fresh makeup break

Modelling coats on hot July day!

Modelling coats on hot July day!

Chocolate and Coca-Cola definetely helped

Chocolate and Coca-Cola definetely helped

One of our favourite American customers Cyndi loves one of our classic lady jackets so much, she now has three in different colours!

Cyndi says  “I must let you know I love this jacket.   I purchased one in navy and gold about 10 years ago in Manchester and it is my go-to rain jacket.  It always looks smart and I love the softness and feel of the fabric.”

Cyndi’s favourite rain jacket is style 897 in 17 colourways:  Classic Lady Luxury Rain Jacket

Checkout our special shipping rates to USA

Feather Down Coat

Feather Down Coat

Lots of customers ask us for missing or broken parts for our capes coats jackets they’ve had for a long time, often for many many years!  As our garments wear so well, we do hear stories of ladies still wearing their David Barry coat for a very long time and are often told its as good as new so why should I buy a new one when I only need a button or some other small missing or broken part.  We know of one particular customer who is still wearing the same jacket after 20 years and says its as good as new!  How many years have you had or been wearing your David Barry?  We’d love to hear from you on this blog or tell your story on our Facebook page please!

It goes without saying that if the jacket or coat is still under warranty and a genuine fault appears, you should return it to the retailer you bought it from and they will organise a replacement or come to a mutually acceptable arrangement with you.

Repairing zippers on old coats or jackets is not something we are able to offer, we advise taking it to your local dry cleaners, many of whom offer a great dressmaking repair service, we’ve found that most will do a good job of replacing a worn out or broken zip for under £20 although it can depend upon where you live.  Some repairers will replace a coat or jacket zip from £12 upwards, it depends on how long the zip is, how its inset into the item and it can boil down to whether you live in an expensive area or not as to how much you will be quoted.  Of course, replacing a zip at under £20 is always going to be far cheaper than replacing your favourite coat or jacket so its definetely worth investigating!

Diamond Quilted Coat

We do keep buttons and other trimmings but cannot realistically keep them for all the hundreds of styles we’ve ever made, its worth asking us especially if the style is not very old.  I am sure you’ll appreciate that when a coat’s over 2-3 years old, we’re not always going to be able to help you with replacement parts.  We’ll happily look at our buttons and bits and bobs if we can identify the style of coat or jacket you have.  This can be difficult unless you know the style number or are handy with a digital camera and can upload a photo of the coat to an email and send in your query that way.  If you can do that, send it with your request including your phone number to our Customer Services email address:  outlet@davidbarry.com and we’ll see what we can do to help you.


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