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Pink festival jacket

We’re not known for young and fun but hey!

A. It depends on what they’re made from

Your idea of a shower may be another’s drenching?

Waterproof garments are usually sports and outdoor activity related, often made from a waxed cotton or Gortex type waterproof fabric. General wear or Fashion clothing is rarely waterproof and it would state that in the advert and on the label.  Festival outerwear clothing is usually waterproof, think plastic macs and wellies.

Some fabrics are more waterproof than others, Wool is naturally water repellant therefore cloth made with a high wool content or all wool content as in Harris Tweed will keep you warmer and drier for longer.

If its waterproof it will say so in the advert as its a good selling point.  Outdoors country style outerwear typically worn by dog walkers and those who spend a lot of time outside can also be called ‘Stormwear’ as in our David Barry full length hooded riding coat in Navy or Olive.

If an item of clothing says its ‘Showerproof’ then it should keep you reasonably dry during a reasonable amount of rainfall but commonsense should prevail, if you stand under torrential rain for more than a few minutes you would most likely get wet.

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