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Cheaper International shipping rates to Australia Canada USA

Posted on: 21/07/2015

We wanted to do something for you lovely ladies in Australia, Canada and USA who can’t get enough of our coats but distance means shipping costs can be quite shocking!  Many of you who buy 2 items per order either keep both, split the order with someone, buy two sizes in order to keep the one that fits and give other as a present so you don’t have to ship back (well done!).

Good news!  For Australia you’ll only pay £15 for up to 2kg (most orders weigh under 2kg); or £21 for up to 4kg per package.  You’ll be able to buy 2 coats or other item combinations and have our guarantee that you will not pay more than £21 if the combined items are under 4kg and that’s for a tracked package.

And for Canada and the USA, you’ll only pay £12 for up to 2kg and £18 for up to 4kg per package.

(We do ship to ‘Rest of the World’ starting at £19.95 for a 2kg package or £29.95 for a 3kg package.)

There is an order limit of 2 items per package but you can make as many orders as you wish!

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