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Feather Down Coat

Feather Down Coat

Lots of customers ask us for missing or broken parts for our capes coats jackets they’ve had for a long time, often for many many years!  As our garments wear so well, we do hear stories of ladies still wearing their David Barry coat for a very long time and are often told its as good as new so why should I buy a new one when I only need a button or some other small missing or broken part.  We know of one particular customer who is still wearing the same jacket after 20 years and says its as good as new!  How many years have you had or been wearing your David Barry?  We’d love to hear from you on this blog or tell your story on our Facebook page please!

It goes without saying that if the jacket or coat is still under warranty and a genuine fault appears, you should return it to the retailer you bought it from and they will organise a replacement or come to a mutually acceptable arrangement with you.

Repairing zippers on old coats or jackets is not something we are able to offer, we advise taking it to your local dry cleaners, many of whom offer a great dressmaking repair service, we’ve found that most will do a good job of replacing a worn out or broken zip for under £20 although it can depend upon where you live.  Some repairers will replace a coat or jacket zip from £12 upwards, it depends on how long the zip is, how its inset into the item and it can boil down to whether you live in an expensive area or not as to how much you will be quoted.  Of course, replacing a zip at under £20 is always going to be far cheaper than replacing your favourite coat or jacket so its definetely worth investigating!

Diamond Quilted Coat

We do keep buttons and other trimmings but cannot realistically keep them for all the hundreds of styles we’ve ever made, its worth asking us especially if the style is not very old.  I am sure you’ll appreciate that when a coat’s over 2-3 years old, we’re not always going to be able to help you with replacement parts.  We’ll happily look at our buttons and bits and bobs if we can identify the style of coat or jacket you have.  This can be difficult unless you know the style number or are handy with a digital camera and can upload a photo of the coat to an email and send in your query that way.  If you can do that, send it with your request including your phone number to our Customer Services email address:  outlet@davidbarry.com and we’ll see what we can do to help you.


An important point to consider when buying a coat or jacket is how long the sleeves are.  We’ve all tried on garments with ridiculous lengths whether too short or too long!  The last few years has seen a trend among younger women’s coat styles to wear the sleeves unusually long which is not everyone’s cup of tea.  Some ladies prefer shorter sleeves ending around their wrist rather than on their hands, you may prefer them really long, helping to keep your arms warm.  The industry standard outer sleeve length, that’s the measurement from the top outer edge to the sleeve hem is anywhere from 18 to 21 inches.  We’ll be adding sleeve measurements on all our outerwear listings as soon as possible but in the meantime, if you need a sleeve length, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

short sleeve jacket

short sleeve

Its a whole new experience so please go easy on us if you are an expert!  We look forward to hearing from our loyal band of David Barry fans soon.

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